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Rita Lasker , Green Forex Group’s CEO:

 Profit is just like a capricious lady, that comes and goes, however today, the PROFIT can be BOUGHT! Having installed Forex Pips Hunter just once, you assure yourself of a long-awaited source of income. WHY? Because of some reasons listed below. Forex Pips

The product that conquered the hearts of some of the world’s best beta-testers.
The product that redefined the definition of Real Success.

Fully automated system that combines some of the best qualities of the modern day software.

Moreover... Forex Pips Hunter has the most recent and highly unique Algorithm, that beats all records today and will be no less successful five years down the line...



HOT NEWS: Forex Pips Hunter 3-days performance (Oct 29...31): + $561,54

(click screenshots to enlarge)

EURUSD: +$101,10

EURJPY: +$262,44

GBPUSD: +$198,00


 TOTAL:3 trading days, +$561,54 profit, 11 trades, 9 profitable trades

in 100% AUTO-MODE

Sounds good?

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P.S. Our office neighbor Leon Newman who asked to test this robot, just brought me a dozen of roses and said:

..."Rita, I am not a novice and never trusted these robots…
But I made $350 yesterday. It is INCREDIBLE..."

And you know, he tried to pay for it $99, surely I didn’t take.

Why? I will reveal this secret to the FX Pips Hunter customers only:)

   PLEASE READ THIS:   "I’ve been following many Forex forums and understand that a dream of all traders is being able to tap to a continuous source of additional income, provided that in many cases it’s determined
not necessarily by greed, but by complex circumstances.

   I honestly understand you, dear traders, and do all in my power to develop and introduce to the
market high quality and super-reliable software.

   Therefore, I’d like to offer you our latest practically revolutionary new development. Forex Pips Hunter – is not just a plain Robot, based on 1-2 indicators, coupled with a “hit-or-miss” principle. Absolutely NOT!
   This is a product that has an artificial intellect, fully automated and adapted for any and all conditions of continually evolving and changing Forex. It has imbedded unique fusion of most reliable indicators, along with some of the latest cutting edge developments.

   I personally have approved it for retail sales, so that you could obtain a reliable and continuous source of stable income. And, yes, indeed, a profit could be bought and it has a name -- Forex Pips Hunter".

Yours, Rita Lasker.

   Very Important: 

   As you may know, we’ve been keeping quiet for more than two months and haven’t done any mass mailings. In reality we’ve been busy with a painstaking development and testing of our newest member of our family – a 4G generation Robot, that would comply with and satisfy some of the strictest modern day requirements.

   It was the Spring of 2012, when we developed some of our earlier prototypes of the Robot, when we’ve come to some of the incredible conclusions after conducting these tests.
   But first, we have to admit to something...

   Our own honest admission: 

   It’s not a secret that in our earlier Robot prototypes we were after profits by all means possible, forcing the Robots work more and more.

   We tried to keep-up with our members’ demands and satisfy our customers requests with a product that would earn them a WHOLE LOT.

   It’s also not a secret, that such profit-making oftentimes was associated with certain risk. And only now, having realized the result of our work for the past year, and having studied the experience of our clients along with their expressed desires, we are happy to present you with a new product that WON’T make you unrealistic $50,000.


You’ll be making consistently anywhere from 700 to 1300 pips per month, while feeling COMPLETELY CONFIDENT AND SAFE ABOUT YOUR INITIAL DEPOSIT.

The uniqueness of our product is that its algorithm is extensively protected from monetary losses.


   Now, for the main question: HOW MUCH? 

   With a relatively stable market condition and following recommended Lot Size (see below), Robot is capable of doubling your deposit in just 1 month of trading!!! Even if you are extremely conservative in your trading habits, we recommend that you reduce your Lot Size in connection with recommendations. This will lower your profit margin, however your trade will equally be risk-free.

   Increasing your Lot Size will lead to an increase in your potential earnings, but at the same time it increases the odds of possible losses. We highly recommend that you don’t increase the Lot Size without a reason, as it may lead to considerable monetary losses.

   The most important rule is to follow our recommendations!!! In this case you’ll see a gradual but consistent deposit growth.


(click to enlarge)

EURUSD: + $2,400

EURJPY: + $4,365

GBPUSD: + 2,032

Thus, we’ve GOT $8,797 doing absolutely nothing...just ONCE installed Forex Pips Hunter ROBOT.

   Maybe it is not a HUGE amount, maybe someone may even say that he earns MORE...

   Well, we do not pretend showing you a miracle, neither we will talk about millions of profit. BUT, see yourself how just a thousand of dollars is triplicated... again and again... And we only traded with such a small Lot Size as 0.3.

What is more, check the statements again – it is absolutely SAFE.

Any possible losses are FULLY covered by the following trades.

It is the MOST profitable trading with such LOW RISK.

Looks like Forex Pips Hunter is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!

Isn’t it?

   How Forex Pips Hunter operates: 

   A system that’s at the core of our Forex Pips Hunter is based on analysis of medium and long-term market tendencies.

   Just like a true hunter, Robot analyzes trends for a previous month, a week, a day, as well as opening and closing levels and highs and lows for a preceding day. Bouncing off a Pivot Point, a Robot calculates levels, that once achieved, are translated as being optimal for opening Buy and Sell orders. Analyzing market’s volatility, our Robot calculates Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.


Therefore, the Robot computes all necessary parameters for orders.

Thus, a trader has no need to go deeply into all the intricacies or inner workings of the system.

After opening an order, Forex Pips Hunter very diligently continues to follow the latest market developments.

   If it becomes necessary, a Trailing Stop may be activated – something that won’t allow for monetary losses when there’s a reverse market activity.

   In part due to a “sniper-like” computational precision, we’ve managed to attain a super-low possibility of monetary losses during a trade.

   Losses are very infrequent and even if they occur, profitable trades overshadow them.

  What’s so unique about Forex Pips Hunter Robot ? 

   Forex Pips Hunter is probably one of the most practical and streamlined product out there. We could even add that it’s “boring”.

   Plainly speaking, it just quietly and diligently does its thing. Just like a true hunter, it brings back its prey and doesn’t rush to share its secrets with others, that it’s got a lot up his sleeve.

   In order for you to better understand the difference between a manual trading, trading using trading systems, trading using plain Robots and trading Forex using Pips Hunter, simply glance at the table below:

   Why necessarily a Robot? 

   ANY Forex Robot is a very complicated product.

   In its core there’s a trading system. And the more risky the trading system, the more effort and attention is required on the part of a trader to correct and close loss orders, to change parameters such as Stop Loss and Trailing Stop.

    And if it requires a tremendous amount of undivided attention, then a full automation of such system is simply impossible.

   By the way, precisely for that very reason, there are no profitable Robot-scalpers.
However, if the system is well-balanced and the risk is minimized, such system may be automated or, better yet, has to be automated.

The end-result of such automation is our Forex Pips Hunter
our best Forex EA'2012.

   Robot’s Main Properties: 

Complete and total automation. It computes on its own the current time and time difference between GMT, then also, on its own, it calculates the best time for opening and closing orders, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
It’s extremely professionally executed product and it’s best suited for amateur traders, who don’t want to get too involved. You may not know the first thing about Fibonacci, Oscillators and Ichimoku, however it won’t “protect” you from turning profits.

Installs in just 5 minutes (plus 1 minute for reading User’s Guide). All other adjustments will be made by Forex Pips Hunter.
Up to 60 trades per month
Up to 1500 pips per month
EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD pairs, any brokers
H1 timeframe

50% deposit growth per month – and that’s the bare minimum (with almost always doubling of your deposit)


   Advanced technologies: 

   Innovations in the field of product development have always been our biggest priority. We’ve always aspired to re-think basic technologies, while making our products exceptionally user-friendly and simple enough for traders. However, on the surface, the seemingly simple exterior is only skin-deep and on the inside our product hides quite serious technological advancements brought to life by our developing team of the best professionals in the field.

   Forex Pips Hunter contains within itself a few of the basic innovation technologies: Auto-detection of all basic parameters. We gave this algorithm a name – “auto-tune”.

   Knowing that the great majority of the traders are amateurs and that they physically don’t have time to study Forex extensively, we’ve done all we could to make sure that our Robot does a lion’s share of work, freeing up traders to do what they need.

   On its own, the Robot will define the time on a terminal and the time difference between GMT.
   It will also conduct all market analysis and then will establish all necessary Opening and Closing Levels, Stop Loss and Take Profit for all orders. And after closing an order, our Robot will additionally analyze it in order to self-adjust its own algorithm parameters for even more profitable trades in the future.

And this very feature of our algorithm we’ve named “auto-tuning”.

   Everything in Forex Pips Hunter adheres to two basic rules: Maximum user-friendliness and Maximum stability of operation with maximum profitability.


As a free bonus to customers -- our most popular product -- Forex Ultra Scalper:
completely free of charge! (That’s a $129.00 value).


   "...OK, So Where Do I Begin?..."

Ready to give it a try? Up and running in 10, 9, 8... 

Download and install MetaTrader 4 from any Forex broker.
Buy Forex Pips Hunter (along with superbonus)
Create a demo account and install Forex Pips Hunter Robot.
Once you’re ready to trade, open an actual account with a Forex broker.

In just 10 minutes Forex Pips Hunter can start making money for you.
Today or tomorrow you will already see your first profits.
In just a week the profit will be noticeable.
In a month you won’t even want to consider any other product.

And in a month you’ll double your initial deposit and realize that this is the best product around.

Take my word for it and download the Robot here.

(Forex Pips Hunter Robot + bonus)

Not convinced? Keep reading!


   When you buy Forex Pips Hunter you get:  

Forex Pips Hunter Robot User's Guide 7/24/365 support Free updates 30-days Guarantee Super Bonus
  • File with Robot + 1 license for Live account and unlimited number of licenses for Demo accounts.

  • User’s Guide with most detailed Robot installation instructions with a whole lot of additional material.

  • Life-long support. We support our products throughout the entire lifespan of the program. Our friendly support operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (Yes, we’re open even on weekends!).

  • Free updates. We continually perfect our products and all subsequent updates are offered to our users completely free of charge.

  • 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee if for some strange reason our product doesn’t meet your expectations.

  • Exclusive bonus: Forex Ultra Scalper – our unique system for manual trading.


   A Note from Mark Thompson:   (our finance director and Green Forex Group partner):

   "As much as I was pleading with Rita NOT TO GIVE EXTRAVAGANT FREE GIFTS AND OFFER HUGE DISCOUNTS, she nevertheless always prefers to appease our members.

   So, this time was no different. I told her:

  - "Listen, Rita, we’ve invested huge amounts of money into developing our Forex Pips Hunter, so maybe it’s not feasible to extend such a huge discount? Let’s explain to our customers that the net cost of the product is prohibitively high..."

Do you want to know what her reply was? She said:

   - "Mark, naturally you are right, Business is business, but as you already know, we treat our members with utmost dignity and respect and we haven’t done anything like that for some time...
   So, let’s give them a gift to remember... Let’s be more cordial and leave the 50% discount when they purchase our Forex Pips Hunter. What do you say? Moreover, in addition to that, let’s give completely free of charge to all customers our beloved tried and true Forex Ultra Scalper... For 3 days only... Mark...??? Please???"

How could I refuse that? I told her:

   - " Rita, you are the most generous person I know..."

   And so we are offering you one of the best Forex-Robots in the history of Green Forex Group. The product that we proudly call “a breakthrough of the year”. The product that you could purchase for a half the price and additionally receive a free bonus if..."


This is limited time offer...

   Installation and SETUP: 

All you need is to carefully READ THE MANUAL.

It is very easy to set up the Robot. You will need MetaTrader4 (the latest build) and 5 minutes.

   The provided User’s Guide makes this process simple for the beginners.

   Robot requires a one-time installation into a chart and after that you can pretty much “forget about it”, without spending any more time on it.

With this Robot you’ll understand a true meaning of STABILITY.

Forex Pips Hunter Robot  can start trading on your account today! Spend just 5 minutes
and get ready for the first profit.

   Our On-Line Support: 

We proudly announce that our support team now operates virtually around the clock,
24 hours a day.

   You’ll be pleasantly surprised that all your questions will be answered virtually immediately.

  Don’t believe us?

   Try to submit a question and you’ll come to realize that we are THE fastest and most responsive team out there. Agree - it’s imperative when your money’s at stake.
   It means that should you have any questions, no matter how trivial, we’ll answer any in a rapid-response manner.

Our Support team is available via Skype and ICQ for now. Please feel free to connect us by:

(chat only)

We ABSOLUTELY guarantee that our support team’s response time is MUCH shorter
than any others out there. Take our word for it – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


   Personal approach: 

   Green Forex Group is a well reputed Forex company that has found its followers all over the world. We value our members and offer only quality software.

   All your ideas and recommendations, offers and comments are extremely important to us. We consider all of them and are always happy to provide you with efficient and reliable products.
We follow a simple idea – you should enjoy trading. It should be A PLEASURE THAT BRINGS YOU MONEY.

   That’s why we strive to provide you with the best customer service and work round the clock so you can ask your question and get the answer at any given time.

Time is money, and it is more so on Forex market.




Do you still have doubts? OK...

   To completely dissipate your concerns and doubts, we’re offering a 30-day 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee on Forex Pips Hunter, should there be a desire to do so.

Think of it this way: WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?



It is quite normal to have doubts. Actually it is better to think and carefully learn all the details first. So please read more about the product... Take your time, but please note that the discount offer is time limited.


9 out of 10 Forex traders at least twice lost their deposit.
9 out of 10 Forex traders have tried Scalping and other risky strategies
8 out of 10 Forex traders who’d tried risky strategies, renounced to ever try it again.
7 out of 10 Forex traders are amateur-traders, for whom Forex isn’t their main occupation.
9 out of 10 amateur-traders would have liked to have an automated system, that could trade for them, sparing them lengthy studies of financial theories and sciences.

All these 5 facts pushed us to develop Forex Pips Hunter – our unique Robot, that does all the dirty work for you.

   TOP 3 misconceptions by novices about Forex: 

Forex is a high-profit gambling casino, where with a minimum of your investment you could rip the benefits.
Forex is a Land of Luck. Most importantly, is that you get lucky!

There’s nothing complicated about it! The main thing is to predict which way the price will go.

   TOP 3 misconceptions by novices about Robots: 

It’s sufficient enough to buy a Robot and the influx of money is guaranteed.

All Robots operate the same way.

Any trading strategy could be turned into a Robot.

   Forex is not a casino and it’s the people who earn here money – the people, who approach trading with a tremendous responsibility, as well as selecting proper instruments for their work.
   Indeed, not having extensive knowledge, it’s still possible to make money here, but for one to do just that, he/she needs to select their trading strategies very carefully as well as their Robots.

   You don’t always have to believe the developers, who try to reassure you that by choosing their Robots you’ll become a millionaire in 3 days. That would be true if your initial deposit was 1 billion dollars...


   How Forex Pips Hunter differs from other Robots? 

What could be said about the overwhelming majority of Robots sold out there:

They can perform only under certain conditions
They can make you good money, but they can make you lose even more
They are overburdened by multiple fine-tuning adjustments and someone without experience would have a really hard time understanding how to use them.
Some Robots kick in under certain conditions at certain time. All terminals show different time compared to GMT. The developers don’t really burden themselves with setting the correct time on various terminals, preferring that users do that instead.
Many Robots require that the end-users calculate and set by themselves Take Profit, Stop loss and Trailing Stop levels.

Forex Pips Hunter differs practically on every point.

   It performs flawlessly: with great stability, profitability and under any conditions. It features simple tuning and absolutely doesn’t require deep understanding of any kind.

   All necessary parameters it sets on its own, without requiring the end-user anything more than a correct installation, that is super-simple and super-fast, on average requiring 1-2 minutes at best.

   About careless and dishonest advertisements: 

    There are many different products. And there are many different developers.
   Some of the developers as part of their luring plot make unsubstantiated claims of super high profits, deliberately deceiving potential clients.
   Others make blank statements that all products on the market are a scam and only theirs is super-profitable.

   There’s also a small segment of the developers, who don’t degrade other companies’ products. Their main goal is to present a product, that would consistently turn profits – all without a big hoopla. It’s too bad that there aren’t too many of such diligent, professional and honest developers out there.

   All we’d like to ask of you is that you treat all advertisements as just advertisements – nothing less, nothing more.

   Experience, professionalism and respect in the field – are the main qualities that guarantee that you’ll receive a quality product and not another piece of ... bad code in a nice wrapping.

   Robot: For and Against: 

   Forex community is still being torn apart by a never-ending controversy of “which of the two is better”:

 Robots or Manual systems?

   If a manual system could be formalized and adhere to strict rules.
   If trading according to these rules turns a profit, then a Robot based on such a system would be equally profitable.

   The problem is that a great majority of manual systems are highly dependent on the type of personality a trader has, his/her analysis or his/her intuition. However, these very basic human algorithms have not been fully studied to be implemented. They are simply next to impossible to preprogram. And that is the exact reason as to why we oftentimes hear that a trader trades profitably according to his/her system, but a Robot wipes out the deposit...


   A human-trader can easily adjust and adopt to the ever changing market conditions – either slightly or radically changing his/her trading system, depending on the information received.

   Robots, on the other hand, by large aren’t capable of changing their algorithms. However, many developers have made some progress in that direction. The proof to that could be an emergence of Robots equipped with auto-tune and neuro-algorithms. Who knows, maybe in the not-so-distant future, Robots will be capable of making human-like decisions, not dictated by their linear-logic.

   However, for now, we’ve been quite successful to implement the elements of self-training functionality. Market analysis as well as analysis of profitable and loss trades that Forex Pips Hunter conducts, allow for correction of multiple parameters necessary for a successful trade. In other words, the longer the Robot trades, the better results it produces.


   A very important point about our team: 

   There are many developers out there on the market for automatic products.
Some of them could be lonely programmers as well as the entire holdings, dealing in developments on a large scale.

   Our team consists not only of “just” traders, but programmers as well.

   In order for you to have a better understanding of the sheer magnitude of the resources and the types of people involved in something that later on turns into a Marvelously Incredible product here’s a clue.

So, our team consists of:

Professional traders
A team of mathematicians for search, computation and fixation of patterns consistency and probability
A group of highly skilled programmers
A vast group of beta-testers (including independent testers from our clients)
Marketing specialist
Support team
A team of web designers and developers – one of the best amongst developers of the Forex products

   For some independent special projects we oftentimes secure the participation of specialists from the areas completely unrelated to Forex, such as psychologists, physicists, sociologists, etc...

   While developing highly unusual Forex 96 Indicator, we cooperated with specialists from Solar Activity Observatoire de Meudon, France.

   Having studied the trading psychology, we also collaborated with Social Psychology Institute in the UK.
   Developing a highly unique and unconventional product often requires equally quite a unique and unconventional look at the market and we always eagerly and willingly accept such challenges in our research.


   Daily advice: How to curb greediness? 

   The one and only enemy of any trader is greed. Greed awaits a trader of any level and caliber – from an absolute novice to a fat cat.

   This is how it usually happens:
A trader locates (or chooses on his own) some type of mechanical or automated trading system, that appears to be profitable. However, the profitability happens only when one follows a certain system of guidelines. A trader turns some type of a profit, then again and again and then, just like in a Casino, he wants to raise the stakes.

And that is all that’s needed!

   Next is a greed-trap. The moment a trader gets greedy, bed things start happening to him/her. It’s good if a trader can cool his/her temper having lost just a little bit of money.

   But the problem is that a vast majority of such traders being blinded by greed, and in an ill-fated attempt to recoup their losses, lose their cool and self-control and dive off a cliff head-first. The only thing that can end this insanity is a complete loss of their deposit.

   Even in the event the trader has access to a fully automated instrument, there’s always a chance to give in to greed one more time. To do that, it’s sufficient enough to increase the Lot size.

 "...I, Rita Lasker, would like to warn each and every trader : greed is your worst companion when you trade. Be wary! When profits starts poring in, don’t try to attempt to convert little droplets of profit into a raging river. Use our recommendations and eventually you will undoubtedly turn a little “drippings of profit “ into a raging mountain river. Maybe not right away, but it will happen..."

   Garry Shoo – developing team leader: 

   Forex Pips Hunter development has turned into a BIG ADVENTURE for all of us involved.
The great majority of the most effective algorithms have been developed early in the
winter of 2011.
   However, the recent market fluctuations are more akin to Kaleidoscope-like unpredictability. That is why a search for an ideal balance between fine-tuning of various program components and modules took us more than 5 months. As soon as the long-awaited algorithm has been perfected, we passed it on to our testers. The final results exceeded all our expectations!!!

   Both, Rita’s testers and independent testers have reported on high stability of Forex Pips Hunter under any and all conditions, while working with all types of brokers.

   Today, we can honestly say we are proud of our “work of art” and hope that Forex Pips Hunter will assume a prominent position in the arsenal of every trader, irrespective of his/her level of expertise. Wishing you to make a whole lot of money with our product, while having a very pleasant experience doing so.



Q. What should I do to start making money with Forex Pips Hunter Robot?
You need to have MetaTrader4 terminal installed on your PC, stable Internet connection and any broker demo account (4 or 5 digits). And yes, indeed, it is suited for ECN Forex Brokers.

Q. What's the minimal deposit required to commense trading?
We highly recommend that you ALWAYS start trading on Demo accounts to make sure that all your selected fine tunings/adjustments are correct.

Q. My Internet connection is poor, may I still use it?
Stable connection is essential for the proper performance. You may install it on VPS if needed. But please, be particularly thorough when choosing your internet provider and do it on your own, as we can not provide any specific professional recommendations.

Q. What are the main principles of the Pips Hunter? Is its usage restricted by certain pairs and timeframes?
Yes, it is the ultimate Robot that meets all modern trading requirements. It was developed for the current market conditions but can adjust its trading to stay profitable at any time. Its intellectual algorithm works best only with EURUSD, EURJPY and GBPUSD, Í1 timeframe.

Q. What is so unique in your new Robot? Why is it better?
Forex Pips Hunter is a new smart-type Robot that hunts down the profit. it is capable of self-correcting and can be installed on 3 recommended pairs at the same time.

Q. How long should I wait to see the first profit after the installation?
Everything depends on the specific market conditions. Time for order execution is calculated individually for each order. The average frequency of trades varies from daily to once every few days. During sideways movement it may skip the trades.

Q. I need some more parameters to make sure I will be able to set a Lot Size considering all risks. Please give more details.
Forex Pips Hunter has the Intelligent Trailing Stop feature to make sure that your profit will be secured. Its maximum default value is 50 pips that is actually the maximum drawdown as well. Profit is not limited.

Q. Where can I see the 3d party results or any link to see the proof of your trading and testing?
We prefer testing ourselves, as we always make sure that ALL conditions for the proper testing are fulfilled. Any forward or backward testing needs to be done with the special knowledge of this process and understanding of the Robot’s algorithm. Our results are always published at the site along with trading recommendations. If you are not sure about Forex Pips Hunter, just install it on a demo account and watch its trading during the 30-day trial period.

Q. Can I use Forex Robot on all my accounts?
You can use it on 1 Live account ONLY. It will be registered by our Support Team and you will receive the special license Key. Demo accounts are not limited.

Q. I heard that your product expires in 30 days, so do you have a monthly subscription? Will I have to pay again?
No, you don’t need to pay again as the payment is ONE-TIME only. If your version expires, please contact Support Team to get the latest version if no refund was requested before.

Q. If I don’t like the product, will you refund my money?
Yes. Just contact our Support Team within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Q. I have your Trailingator, so may I use it at the same time to increase my profit?
Forex Pips Hunter has its own trailing feature, so it is not necessary.

Q. If I have any problems with installation or usage, may I contact your support?
Yes. Our Support Team is open 24 hours a day. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email. We will be happy to help you!

We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction!


   REMEMBER:  We thought you might like to know and it would be worth noting that part of the proceeds is transferred to the Environmental Protection Fund. Acquiring any of our great products, you’re not only getting a top-notch financial instrument, but at the same time help ecologically protect our beautiful blue planet.

   We are true believers that the future generations will thank us for taking care
of them in that way.
It may warm your heart, knowing that with each dollar you earn, you also make a contribution of a different kind in the preservation and betterment of our beautiful Mother Earth.




Press the “Add to cart” button and we will process your payment information. 
Once completed, we will send you complete instructions on how to download and install
Forex Pips Hunter.

We will also show you how to get immediate help and support if you should need it.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate

to ask me by email at any time.

I will do my best to help you.


Sincerely yours,   Rita Lasker.


Copyright © 2012,  All rights reserved.

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